Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Getting Myself Out of a Rut.

Yeah, that's right! I admit it, I've been in a rut.
In this industry everyone is always talking about 'finding your style' and not copying other photographers work. Let me tell you, coming from someone with no previous experience, it can be very, very hard! You see another photographers work and say to yourself,'I could have thought of that!' or  'I want to try that.' It can be depressing! Seeing someone's work, loving it, then being scared to death you might subconsciously copy it during a shoot.
So I've decided to quit sabotaging myself. I've decided to purge myself of other photographers. At least for a little while. I am going to photograph what I see. Not what other photographers see because, honestly, the world I see is beautiful! I want to share it with others! I may not be doing something cutting edge or amazing, but it's a start.
Starting today and I will refuse to let all those people that tear down the 'little people' of this industry. I have something to share with the world. It may not be much, but if I don't use this gift God gave me to the best of my ability it would essentially be like throwing it back at Him and saying,'No thanks!' I will NOT let this fear of disapproval from  people stop me from doing what God wants me to do! Enough is enough!
What's my game plan you ask? Well, step one is complete, I've hid or 'un-liked' all the photographers on my personal Facebook. This way I only see my favorite blogs and people that inspire me to be a better me.
Next step, shoot for me at least once a month! Hopefully more! I have so many ideas I want to try, but I'm always so scared to try it with clients. I always try to give the highest quality images to my clients. If the Me Shoot doesn't work out, whatever! No one paid me for it! I can take my time editing. I don't even have to edit it if I don't want to! It's refreshing just thinking about it! I'll be trying new things. Like playing with shadowing, lighting, reflections, and possibly even a little more high fashion! Whatever I want to do. I recommend any photogs reading this to do it! It's so easy to get burnt out in this industry. This will re-inspire you to do what you love! I know it has inspired me more than any other photographers work ever has and it's all me!
So get out there fellow 'little people' and on the off chance you are one of those photographers that get a thrill out of tearing people that are not as good as you down is reading this, I beg you! Please stop! Not everyone can be amazing right away! It takes practice!This industry can be a little hard-hearted and selfish sometimes. We need to break the mold and share. It won't hurt! There are a lot of people in this world! They all can't go to the same expensive photographer! Trust me!


  1. I *ADORE* this post!! So brave, vulnerable & honest! You should be very proud of that!

  2. L.O.V.E. go out there and be the creative person God made you to be!