Friday, October 8, 2010

A Very Merry Birthday to You!

Hey everyone! Meet my (almost)sister-in-law Hannah. She's my for reals sister-in-law's sister! Confusing, I know. I love Hannah! She is quite easily one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She's also drop-dead gorgeous! She's one of those people you see her and kind of hope she has this ugly personality to balance out the pretty face....Yeah, it doesn't work that way with Hannah, as soon as she opens her mouth to speak you just want to be her friend! I love her(and the entire Corbett family) to death!
  The Corbett's are missionaries to the Cayman Islands(Grand Cayman to be exact), but they are back this week for one of the boys weddings(congrats to Steven and Anna!) Hannah came back a little earlier than everyone else to spend some time with Wes and Elisabeth. It just so happens it was the same weekend Momma, Daddy and I had planned to go up there too! Anywho! It was Hannah's birthday, so as a kind of birthday gift, we went, bought her a new outfit and did a photo shoot! I had so much fun shooting her! She's so natural in front of the camera. We started the photo shoot in front of the house(I was trying to channel the  Michelle Moore in me) then we headed back into the woods....yeah I went into the woods! We started to head back to this big river(stream?) whatever..we started to head back to it and came across this stream(brook?)it had an old fallen log laying across it that is used as a bridge...Hannah charged across...'Okay! I can do this!' I tell myself. I scoot ever so slowly across...*breath out* I made it! We go a little farther into the woods, only to discover  about 200 feet from the river everything had been seriously washed out... Oh well! We snap a few more pictures and head back...Oh no! The 'bridge.'... I had almost forgotten...'It's okay! I did it last time I can do it again' I had back over (a little more confident this time) my foot slips (OH NO!) I grab my camera in one hand and push it above my head, I try to catch myself with the other. I slip again. Some how(while in the air)I do a flip and land flat in the water(camera is still above head) I jump up and grab my elbow(ouch that hurt!) Hannah, like the perfect angel she is, jumps in to make sure I'm okay...I look at my camera,'Yeah, I'm fine! Take a picture!'...Haha...So, I tromp back through the woods in my favorite soaking wet winter dress, muddy Forever 21 tights and suede black swashbuckler boots(I think there's a tadpole in them.)
 Yes, I am that clumsy, but it really doesn't matter! I(hopefully) got some images that Hannah will love and I feel like I should be on Man, Woman, Wild! Mission accomplished!

For anyone wondering, I'm not putting these on my Facebook because Hannah doesn't have one...She has Fruitiply...It's this nifty site her brother and my brother created together. Check it out! You can post pictures, chat with friends, watch videos and(most importantly)read about what God has done in others lives, learn about missions, share prayer requests and find helpful tools to further your relationship with the Lord.

The infamous log!

Yes, I look awful...You try falling in muddy water and see what you look like!
*disclaimer: I did not  mean for my picture to come before Hannah's, blogspot did it...Sorry girl!}

Beautiful soul!

So pretty! I'm jealous!

FABULOUS shoes right?

(Hope you like them Hannah! Love you!...Oh, and Rachel, You're next!*evil laugh!*)

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