Saturday, November 6, 2010

Inspire me Saturday

Everyday greets me with something even more beautiful and amazing than the one before. Whether it's a story I've heard, a book I've read, or a picture I've seen, it inspires me to live everyday to the fullest. Some people may not get it, and that's fine! Everyone views situations differently, but if by some chance someone out there is inspired by these things too...well, it makes me feel pretty lucky I'm the one that gets to bring it to their attention.
 Not to mention there are some amazingly talented people out there...Their creativity astounds me!
 Here are a few of my fav's from this week...

 This story on my sister-in-laws blog about her great grandma...It makes me wanna go call my Memmaw and just talk...Which we both do very well. : ){LOVE her dress!}

This amazingly sweet image from the girls at Simply Bloom. Their work always leave me breathless!

These illustrated thoughts are adorable!

Love this bridal Halo from Loboheme. Any bride that wants something other than that traditional veil has to check them out!

I love the mix of these prints. So unexpected but it just works! What I would give for an Anthropologie in Fayetteville!

These ADORABLE moccasins....They're a little pricey, but they're also custom made!*love!*

This girls amazing store!

This adorable plush deer head...I am completely smitten!

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